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What Others Are Saying About Lion Concierge Physical Therapy Services!

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My mother had a stroke in 2018.  As a result of the stroke, she has aphasia and is cognitively challenged.  She is unable to drive and prefers not to be around others due to the difficulty of communicating with them.  While she needs more(not less) social activity and more(not less) physical activity, her desire to avoid the above-mentioned challenges brought about new problems.  Her physical skills began to deteriorate, her mood was unsteady, and her overall confidence was not trending in the right direction.  My wife and I were looking for options that my mother would be open to.


In the summer of 2023, we met Taylor at a Heights Life event and, after much consideration, decided to give it a shot.  The fact that Taylor had experience working with stroke victims and the associated challenges put us at ease.  Also, the fact that she would be administering her services at my mother’s home made obtaining my mother’s blessing pretty easy.


Mom has worked with Taylor for 12 weeks now with the primary goal of improving her physical skills in 3 areas.  Each of these areas are tested regularly to chart progress:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance – scores have improved 37%.

  2. Lower extremity strength – scores have improved 7%.

  3. Balance – scores have improved 18%.


On top of the improvements in the physical arena, my mother is happier, and her confidence is back.  When I take my dog for a walk, Mom says “I’ll join”; when my sister says let me show you what I’ve done with the third floor of my new home, Mom says “Let’s go!”.


My family are extremely grateful for Taylor.  We consider her an extension of our family and my mother really looks forward to her visits.

-Jamie,Peoria Heights, IL

Dear Taylor,

I am so grateful for all your help with your PT services. I am standing and keeping myself in a standing position longer thanks to your muscle strengthening. I especially loved the way you gave me one on one help explaining the muscles you were helping me strengthen and I can understand  the value of this. You were so profession in your care and I am grateful for your time. I highly recommend your service to anyone, especially because you came to me and I was able to see the results in my own time. Thanks again Taylor, you are the BEST.

~Ralph, Peoria, IL

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